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We have been operating in the metal-products industry since 2005, accummulating our experience since the early 1990s.

We supply assemblies and parts to ship-building industry, to agricultural and construction-equipment manufacturers, as well as for drawing plants and other industrial facilities. At the other end of our spectrum we act as agents to the printing inductry, helping sell high-precision steel components and assemblies.

We focus on international trade, selling Polish products to Western European countries, and believe that our knowledge, experience and contacts let us offer interesting opportunities to potential customers.

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Safe communication

Mobile communication through safe tools like encrypted e-mail (openGPG), mobile communicators like Signal and Whatsapp.

Quality Products

3.1 and 3.2 certified materials, qaulified welders, Welding Maps, measurement protocols etc. as required.

Timely deliveries

As the title says.

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...-year Experience

We have been in this busines for 30 years, and as "trading 4 you" since 2005.


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